Fitz Cares

Fitz Auto Mall cares about you and your community

The difference between good businesses and great ones are their people. With over five decades of service, Fitzgerald Auto Malls has empowered thousands of employees across the nation to enrich their communities through a variety of community service initiatives. 

When you work for Fitzgerald Auto Mall you are doing more than just providing a product, you are truly serving your community.


Helping the Environment

Fitzgerald Auto Malls, an ISO 14001 registered company, recognizes our impact and responsibility to the environment, our customers and our associates. This sets Fitzgerald apart from other automotive dealerships, in that we have considered the ways that we impact our environment, from our major recycling efforts, to our consumption of energy. We take our impact seriously, and we're constantly looking for ways to preserve the environment in which we operate as a business.


Pet Adoption Events

Fitzgerald Auto Malls partners with animal rescue leagues to host adoption events in an effort to end animal homelessness, provide affordable medical care for every sick and injured animal, end animal abuse and encourage stronger bonds between animals and people through education and training


Sponsored Events supporting the community

Whether you are a current Fitzmall customer, a prospective employee or a current team member, we invite you to explore our current community events calendar. Learn when we will have an event in your area and bring your family and friends! For more information, check out our Sponsored Events page


The Yellow Ribbon Fund

Fitzgerald Auto Malls has supported the Yellow Ribbon Fund and their families since the very beginning. The Yellow Ribbon Fund was created in 2005 to assist our injured service members and their families while they recuperate at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the National Naval Medical Center. In the past six years, contributions made through the Yellow Ribbon Fund have supported injured service members and their families with complimentary transportation, hotels, and more.